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Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Cofounder, Falls Victim to X (Formerly Twitter) Account Hack in Million-Do

Saturday night (9) witnessed the high-profile hacking of Vitalik Buterin's account, the esteemed cofounder of Ethereum, on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter). Cunning fraudsters seized the compromised profile to orchestrate an elaborate phishing scheme, resulting in the substantial theft of unsuspecting investors' funds.

The attack proved successful, as on-chain data shared by investigator ZachXBT on the X platform indicates that the intruders managed to siphon off approximately $700,000 (R$ 3.5 million) from victims who believed Buterin's tweet to be genuine. The message posted on the hacked account announced a generous giveaway of a commemorative NFT, allegedly celebrating the launch of "Proto-Danksharding" on the Ethereum network. To claim this coveted NFT, users were instructed to access a fraudulent website and link their cryptocurrency wallets. Unfortunately, it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax; as soon as investors granted access to their wallets, the funds were swiftly drained by the scammers. In addition to lost cryptocurrencies in the attack, valuable NFTs were also diverted, including CryptoPunk #3983, valued at 153 ETH ($1.2 million).

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