Frequently asked questions


What is an Automated Trading System?

ATS is a category of software that continuously load trading data from a market (i.e crypto exchange or stock market) and applies algorithms to decide whether or not to put a buy / sell order. Some of them are just suggestive and others actually execute orders.

Why Aperium Trader?

Aperium Trader allow clients to create signals, with entry order, 3 levels of take profit and a stop loss. Signals can be self configured or may come automatically to execution from a leader you are following. We also provide an API to configure Trading View or any other third party application to execute orders on Binance. This way you may take advantage of your preferred trading strategizer to actually execute orders.

How is the setup process?

The client onboarding process is very simplified and you may be up and running within less than 3 minutes. Our platform is totally Cloud Based, so there is no software installation. It is trading as a service! Fill the registration page; Receive validation email and click on link Go to “Account > Security” and fill the API keys that you got on your exchange account. Follow on this instructions to get your keys at Binance. Once you filled the API keys you ara good to go and will see a "Start Trading" button. At this point you may use default setttings (BTCUSDT) and start trading, or add new symbols and modify their numbers and algorithm trading configuration. Note that you must "Stop Trading" to be able to modify the configuration.

How safe is it?

The API keys you got on the exchange and saved on your Aperium Trader account must give permission to trade only, never withdraw! Your keys will be saved with strong encryption and, after first input, will never be shown again on the web page, although you can always generate new keys on the exchange and save them again on your Aperium Trader account.

Can I loose money?

Aperium Trader is built to help our customers earn crypto-money. We use proven technical indicators from the financial market, stop loss from resistance, start gain from support, etc. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee, and it is possible that a given indicator or configuration results in trading losses for a given period. Usually on the long term you will be successful with our engine, as it monitors the market 24/7, trying to take advantage of bullish rallies, and to sell early on bearish market.

Can I test my strategy?

Sure, you may select a symbol and modify it to trade on test or real mode.

Do you hold my funds?

No, your funds will be always under your account at the exchange. The trade key is only an allowance for Aperium to trade on your behalf. Note that this is different than a crypto-fund, where the fund manager actually has custody over your assets.