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Configuring API
  1. Sign-in at Aperium Trade

  2. Go to menu Account > Security.

  3. Sign-in at your Binance Account and create a new Key under API Management.

  4. The api just need permission to trade. Make sure to let withdraw disabled.

  5. Copy the api key and the secret key from Binance, paste them appropriately at Aperium and Save.

  6. Now the ON/OFF button for your Bot will be enabled.

Configuring your account to follow CQS

  1. Go to menu Account > General.

  2. Type “CQS” (case sensitive)  at the field “Leader to Follow”.

  3. Leave permission to trade all pairs if you want to receive every signal.

  4. Save and you are all set with default settings.

  5. Trading results will be available at menu Reports > Trades.

  6. At menu Account > Balance you may periodically save balance snapshots.

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