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We are a new cloud-based Automated Trading Platform that provides non-emotional algorithmic decisions. For cryptocurrency investors who must monitor their positions 24/7 in a highly volatile environment. 


If you are a trading expert, register as a partner and let's grow business together! Take advantage of our platform to automate your strategies and replicate your calls into your clients follower accounts.


For sole traders, we provide a feature rich environment where you may place trade orders, input signals, or execute at  Binance your strategies created on third party applications (i.e:  Trading View).


For non-trading experts, we provide Social Trading, where you follow an specialist and get replicated into your account all his/her calls (orders or signals) with actual trade execution.

No custody, your assets stay all the time in your exchange account, where trades are performed on your behalf.



For Personal Use (B2C)



Input BTCUSDT signals in a fast way to apply up to 5 orders (entry, 3 levels of take profit and one stop loss) on a single screen.
Execute BTCUSDT strategies created on third party apps, like Trading View.
Operation channel, dust to BNB, balance snapshots, test mode, trading reports and other cool features.
Prefer to receive signals from an specialist and automate it's execution? 
Checkout our PARTNERS session and contract directly from them, Aperium Trader included.

For Personal Use (B2C)


All free account features.
But now you may choose over a hundred available trading pairs for signals and for third party apps execution.
How to select Gold? Choose 1 or 2:
1 - Register for a free account at Binance with Aperium referral and  earn 15% discount on trading fees every order.
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2 - Create an Aperium free account. After login go to Billing and select your preferred Payment Method from PayPal or Crypto.
BRL 29.00 / month
Currency conversion

For Businesses (B2B)


Create spot market strategies and have them executed on your clients accounts.
No need to install software or VPS for your clients.
Provide customers with a unique collection point.
Issue signals through:
  • Aperium front-end.
  • 3rd party apps calling our API.
  • Your own application, integrated with our API.
Visibility of actual trading volumes, prices and results.
Slippage control.
Feature rich Trader Tools.
Telegram integrated.
Binance Futures copy-trade!

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We are not an exchange

We are not  a cryptocurrency

We are not a Crypto Fund

We do not custody your assets

We do not provide our own strategy


We are an automated trading service

Integrated with Binance API 

Execute Trading View strategies on Binance.

We create a Social Trading environment



Authorize with your Binance API keys

Configure your own strategy

Or select a leader to follow

Click Turn ON, and follow-on reports



Check out what our winning customers talk about us


I let it work every night and day.  

I just adjust strategy and monitor my balance

Mônica Souza,


Always on!

Cloud based, don't need VPS nor overload my computer

Julio Lage,

Project Manager

Perfect for who doesn't have time to be monitoring the markets and want to follow a winning trader

William Moreira,

Financial Manager



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Are you a Signals Leader, Social Influencer or Crypto Trading Expert? 

Take advantage of Aperium for additional revenue, monetizing over your followers automation.

On top of subscriptions, be empowered to charge clients over results, as you gain visibility on balances, volumes traded and nominal results in BTC or USD.

Make your clients life easier with Signal group and Automation single point of charging.

Avoid the need of Virtual Private Server for your customers.

Define your signals using either our front-end, your application, or third party apps (i.e TradingView) integrated with our API. Anyway your moves get replicated into clients accounts!

Choose from using Regular Signals or Managed Signals, where you may change targets and stop along life cycle.

Several stop loss modes: manual, trailing and phased.

Rich featured trader toolkit, with: Signal lights monitor, Telegram integration, Depth impact, Dust to BNB, Balances, etc

Protect clients entries with our slippage control system.

Customize your logo in our front-end and communicate on telegram using images with your visual identity.

Binance Futures copy trade. We monitor a leader account and replicate all his/her orders into clients accounts!

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