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Check out the advantages of Aperium Trader Platform

Automation at Binance and BitGet (copytrade)

Portfolio Management > Manage assets balances with our rebalancing tool.

Managed Signals > Create yours or follow a leader. 

Automated Strategies > Bring your own from Trading View and be a Bitget Copy Trader.




We are a fully-featured cloud-based Automated Trading Platform that enable non-emotional algorithmic decisions. 

A one stop shop with valuable services for the cryptocurrency investor.


Portfolio Manager - Define your assets and percentages (e.g: BTC 50%, ETH 30%, DOT 20%). Keep your portfolio balance with our rebalancing strategies: i) manual; ii) periodic; iii) threshold.


Managed Signals - Allow moving targets and stop along signal life cycle. Follow from our partners, being notified on Telegram about target reach.


Automated Strategies - Automate an external strategy (i.e Pine Script) to execute as Copy Trader at Bitget.

Contact us for details.

No custody, your assets are kept all the time in your exchange account, where trades are executed on your behalf under the buy / sell permissions of your exchange api key saved at Aperium Trader platform.




USD 0.00

Try it

Manage own signals, with up to 3 Take Profit orders and a configurable Stop Loss. Limited to 3 simultaneous signals.

Create and manage a Portfolio limited to 3 simultaneous assets.

Execute your own BTCUSDT bot strategy created on third party tools, like Trading View Pine script

BTCUSDT Operation channel enabling actions above or below configurable thresholds.

Create snapshots  to  trace your balance history. 

Trading reports and other cool features.



USD 8.00

Portfolio Management

Charged monthly, cancel anytime.

Full Assets Portfolio Manager rebalancing tool, without limits.

Rebalance your assets manually, by period, or by threshold variation.


USD 19.00

+ Automated Signals

All Portfoler features, plus:

Receive signals (operation calls) from famous Pro Traders strategies.

Execution automated by Aperium.


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Are you a Signals Leader or Crypto Trading Expert? 

Take advantage of Aperium for additional revenue, monetizing over your followers automation.

If you don't have an accounts-receivable system, we may take care of the charging process and pay you monthly.

Make your clients life easier with Signal and Automation single point of charging.

Cloud-based at Amazon AWS. No VPS (Virtual Private Server) needed  for your customers.

Ready to automate your bot order calls on BitGet Copy Trade system!

Define your signals using either our web front-end, or have your bots integrated with Aperium API. Anyway your moves get replicated into clients accounts!

Managed Signals, where you may move targets and stop along signal life cycle.

Several stop loss modes: manual, trailing and phased.

Rich featured trader toolkit, with: Signal lights monitor, Telegram integration, Depth impact, Balances, etc

Protect clients entries with our slippage control system.

Customize your logo in our front-end and communicate on telegram using images with your visual identity.

Add your Trading View pine scripts to our Automated Strategies menu!

Contact us for a win win partnership!

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Telegram: @kpontes

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