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Creating My Own Signal

* Note that this tutorial is only intended for inputting your own signals for execution at Binance.

If you are following one of our Partners, their signals will be filled and executed automatically in your account, without need of any action from you.

  1. In your Aperium Trader go to menu Account > My Pairs to see a  listing of the pairs you are trading.

  2. You may Add new pairs for trading or Exclude the ones not in use.

  3. Test mode is for simulating an operation that will show in your Aperium report but execute as Test at Binance.

  4. Click on the Signals Button on the line of your desired trading pair. In this example, ETHUSDT.

  5. Notice that the button will be Blue when there is an open signal for that symbol, otherwise Red.

  6. Don't forget to Turn ON your Bot.

Signal Screen

 1- In the Signal Screen you may input:

  • Entry amount, as a percent of your balance ​.

  • Entry range for the BUY order.

  • Three levels of Take Profit SELL orders. Each one is composed by the target Price and the Volume % of the position.

  • Stop Loss price.

  • Stop Loss mode:

    • Manual: You will change it's value manually when desired.​

    • Trailing: Stop price goes up with market in a 1 : 1 rate.

    • Phased: When reach Target1, move stop to entry and on Target2 move stop to Target1.​​


 2- There is also some informational fields for each row:

  • Executed Order id, filled when the order has been executed at Binance, otherwise empty.

  • The percentage of each target or stop in relation to the end of entry range.

 3 - After issuing a signal, you may revisit your strategy at any time. Just come back, change targets or stop​ and save again.

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